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Though we are a relatively new dealership, we have over 75+ combined years of motorcycle industry experience within our staff. We offer a professional Service Department with Honda and Kawasaki factory-trained technicians and knowledgeable Parts Department staff. Combined we are Fremont Honda and Kawasaki, your #1 source for Honda or Kawasaki motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs!

Watchout for Ryan Villopoto as he contests the 2012 AMA SX series aboard the Kawasaki KX450F! Congratulations TO Fremont Honda and Kawasaki's women's Race Team for winning the 24 hours of Glen Helen. See more pics of the event in our photo gallery. Kacy Martinez (96), Brooke Hodges (144Y), Heather Pickering (350B), Talya Dodson (211Y), Maria Forsberg, and Amanda Mastin.

Women's Race Team

Tips on how to:
Make a day of riding great

Kids Riding

*Where to Begin... Riding tips: Selecting an off-road bike that's appropriate for your size, skill level and age is key to ensuring a safe and fun riding experience. You should be comfortable while seated on the bike, and you should be able to reach and operate all controls easily - without having to stretch.
**Wearing the proper safety gear is a must every time you and your children ride. First and foremost, be sure to use a high-quality, U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved motorcycle helmet that fits snugly and securely when fastened. There's a wide variety of other gear essential to a safe, enjoyable ride in our showroom. Check it out — it's worth it.

*Now that we are here, what do we do? Tips on how-to-ride: When riding with others, avoid following another rider too closely. Not only does it impair your reaction time should the lead rider stop or crash, but it restricts your view of the trail ahead as well.
**One of the most common mistakes new riders (and even some experienced ones) make is to look down at the trail — and not ahead to where you intend to go. This often results in "target fixation," or locking onto a spot or thing on the trail and steering right at — and usually into — it. Always keep your eyes up and look where you want to go, not where you are.

Kids Riding Back

Stupid Hurts

The sticker tells all, STUPID HURTS! No matter what your level of skill or experience is, always remember to ride within your limits. Know what those limits are and stay within them. It's great to push yourself to improve your riding, but never forget how far your abilities will let you go, and never ride over your head.



*Carnegie SVRA: With over 1,500 acres of riding area, Carnegie offers a variety of terrain upon which to ride. Characterized by dry rocky washes, rolling hills and steep, rugged canyons, the park provides a setting for off-highway vehicle users of all skill levels. Call them at (925)447-9027.

*Metcalf Park: Motorcycle Park's (Metcalf) 459 acres contain over twenty miles of OHV trail and tracks. Straddling a thousand foot high ridge, these park trails afford riders vistas ranging from Gilroy to San Francisco. Call them at (408)226-5223

*Hollister Hills SVRA: This area is a motorcycle, four-wheel drive, all-terrain vehicle, and dune buggy use area. For motorcycle and ATV riders, the park offers 64 miles of trails in addition to motocross, vintage, TT, and mini-bike tracks. Call them at (831)637-3874.